Privacy, Identity and Mobile phones

Perhaps you remember the Filofax which was very popular in the early 80s. Heck, I’ll show you a picture.


The Filofax was a personal organizer (of your life). If you are old enough, you probably remember the movie ‘Taking care of business’. According to IMDB:

“An uptight advertising exec has his entire life in a filofax organizer which mistakenly ends up in the hands of a friendly convict who poses as him.“

I urge for a sequel for this movie with the title: ‘let me be you’.

People in the 80s and 90s put their entire everything into their Filofax. From banck cards, credit cards, private information, contact details, and so on could be found in this leather bound identity carrier. The movie (which we should not take all to serious, but…) is about taking over ones identity.

I recommend you to stop reading at this point and watch the movie first. After seeing the movie, please continue reading.

Basically, we are making the same mistakes as we did when we used the Filofax. Yes, you and me are falling into the same trap. We put our entire identity into a mobile phone and expect nothing happens to it.

I don know if you recognize this. When I was on vacation this year, there was just one wifi hotsport to be found. People gathered there with their phones and tablets to get onto the internet. This shows the necessity we feel. There is the email we have to read (and my co-worker will nod yes when it comes to my email behavior), we have to post information, photos and other stuff onto our Facebook page. We also use the telephone to make a quick call to our family and perhaps check our bank account and maybe (if we are dumb enough) doe a money transfer. By the way, this telephone is also used for making photographs and videos.

Remember the Filofax and see what we are doing? And we even became dumber as when we had the Filofax. Sure we are a little privacy sensitive according to Pew:

• 41% of cell phone owners back up at least the photos, contacts, and other files from their phone.

• 32% have cleared their phone’s Web browsing or search history.

• 30% of all cell phone owners (and 60% of smartphone owners) say they back up the entire contents of their phone (apps, data, files, etc.)

• 19% (especially younger phone owners) have turned off their phone’s location-tracking feature due to concerns that companies or other people might access that information.

 But still..

In my previous blog I wrote about how we are responsible for making sure that we use good pin codes on our mobile devices. But there is more to it. For the ease of use you and I probably allow our mobile phone to automatically sign into the applications (like  Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on).

Although you may think that you do not have anything to keep secret, there is a different side to this as well. Allowing me to access your Facebook page, I literally am capable of changing your history! Question mark, right? By accessing your Facebook page I can change your timeline and perhaps put you in positions where you haven’t been  (like crime scenes…)

Do you know the great app ‘Notes’ on the iPad? See what it looks like…. Afbeelding

Please take care of your business and do not depend on the new Filofax too much.


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